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I would like to offer five classes of AP Chemistry, including Unit 1 Atomic structure and properties and Unit 2 Molecular and Ionic compound structure and properties which would cover about 14-18% of material required for the AP Chemistry exam. After taking this short introductory course students will be confident about the topics I teach, AP Chemistry exam format and test-taking techniques. AP Chemistry exam includes multiple-choice questions and free response questions. Students will apply their knowledge to solve the questions taken from real past AP Chemistry exams.

After taking this course students will be confident about the topics I teach, AP Biology exam format and test-taking techniques.The course will include: Chemistry, Biochemistry, Cell structure, Cellular respiration, and Photosynthesis. Combined, these five topics make about half of the big idea 1 "Biological systems utilize free energy and molecular building blocks to grow, to reproduce and to maintain dynamic homeostasis" (one of four Big Ideas you will study in AP Bio), and are among most difficult topics in AP Biology course. AP Bio exam includes multiple-choice questions, numerical answer questions and free response questions. We will apply our knowledge to solve all types of questions taken from real past AP Biology exams. 


Preparation for AP Russian Exam 2020

Classes will be held on Tuesday from 7:45-9:15

Dates: Jan 28d-April 28th. The course is #14 lessons

“The National Examinations in World Languages (NEWL) is an online proficiency exam for language learners of Russian seeking college placement and/or credit” American Councils.

Application for the exam could be submitted only through an organization. SchoolPlus plans to host the Exam and we will have a Test Center on April 29th, 2020. The exam fee is $94 payable via SchoolPlus to American Councils.
All info about the Exam could be found on

SAT Study 

This  course will prepare the student for both the SAT and PSAT, so there is no age limit. The SAT is a vaulted exam but not impossible to master. The students will have weekly assignments, some writing, some reading, but a great deal of thinking. When the students return in the Fall, they will be advanced from their peers and ready for school