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Tuesday, 4:00-5:00 pm


1st part: start 1/05;1/13; 1/19; 1/26

2/02; 2/09; 2/16; 2/23

3/02; 3/09; 3/16; 3/23, 3/30

2nd part: 4/06; 4/13; 4/20; 4/27

5/04; 5/11; 5/18;  No classes on 5/25

6/01; 6/08; 6/15 (last day)

Cost for the Winter/Spring semester: 

1st installment 1/09-3/27$351.00

2d installment 4/03-6/19$270.00

This course is for 4th-6th graders and will focus on ancient civilizations (Mesopotamia, Egypt, China, Greece, Rome, etc…) and their achievements and contributions to our modern world. 

We will follow a school curriculum to guide the class in a chronological order and begin developing the students’ perspective and understanding of time and past events.

 Because there is more information than time, the course will focus on big picture ideas that require deeper thinking and understanding of the topics. We will use a variety of details (art, warfare, technology, philosophy, daily life) to address a larger function of those ancient civilizations and how they still impact us today.