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Tuesday, 4:00-5:00pm

Start Day: Sep 8th

Cost for the Fall semester: $378.00

Every child has a passion...every child likes to our class, we go around the room and give students that opportunity. Students will be asked to research a topic of THEIR choice and present it to the class, generating an intriguing discussion. Whether it is technology, travel, art, science, world news, sports, nature or food, there is something new, interesting and worth learning about that is happening around the world. Students will be asked to find an interesting (to them) article, read/summarize it and present it to class (optional). The course will also focus on teaching students to properly research, fact check, reading and writing skills, form a thesis, organize supporting details, debate/discuss and public speaking. 



Dates Sep 15th- Oct 15

Cost for 5 lessons $200

Curriculum For Debate Class.

This class is a hybrid, an accommodation due to Covid-19, which is not like other debate classes, but it will be just as intense and just as comprehensive. Students should expect to be polite in their argument, always respectful, and not to be surprised if their argument is disputed. That is the heart of the debate. The debate is an art, so verbal sophistication will be developed along the way.

Students should learn to keep their points of argument organized, and be prepared to name their source Articles or citations should always be available.

For every class, the student should know both sides of any argument, because if you ignore your weak points, you are only half prepared. Every debate team can expect to be shifted from one side to the other, proponent to defense, and the art develops with your quick flexibility and skill in verbal dexterity. This comes from pacing, knowledge, and comfort in expression.

We will discuss how the debate is structured: opening, initial argument by proponent, response by defense,  rebuttal by proponent, rebuttal by defense, {break}, closing by proponent, closing by defense.

The class will conclude with an assignment of topic. Students will be assigned a side in the argument.